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Vehicle Process System


The best solution for Customer waiting time and actual estimate delivery time. System include queue management with token system and manage internal process of vehicle service such as Washing, Repair, Final-Inspect, Billing, Feedback with Vehicle process system. It includes billing and delivery process with customer feedback


  • Track each and every Customer and type of Service.

  • Comfort Waiting experience.

  • Hassle free job sheet creation.

  • Eliminate rush at Job Card opening area.


  • Easy vehicle allocation.

  • Effective Service Vehicle Status Tracking.

  • Improve Performance of Workforce.

  • Eliminate rush at Job Card opening area.


  • Notify Adviser for change PDT and Calling functionality .

  • Manage invoice data and quick delivery.

  • Customer Feedback and Satisfaction.

System approch


When No system in place to track how much time is taken from customer to get the Job card

Vehicle Delivery Process

No system in place to track which Adviser has delivered how many vehicles.

Every time the adviser have to go to service area to check the vehiclels current status.


You can monitor job card opening lead time through Token Management System

Vehicle Delivery Process

With Vehicle Process, Easily get the list of vehicles successfully delivered by the Adviser with accurate delivery time.

With Vehicle Process, Easily get current status of vehicle from vehicle status board.

Generate Token

  1. Download the mobile application

  2. Select your services

  3. Enter Vehicle no/ Mobile no.

  4. Generated Token

Token Calling

  1. customer Advisor.

  2. Token will call by Advisor.

  3. Enter job Sheet number PDT and save token.

Job Card Opening Process

Advisor will call the token number by using his own mobile application or he can also do this from web interface.

Token number is announced and displayed on the TV Screen at counter area.

Customer will come at counter. The advisor will complete the job opening process and call next token.

Advisor will get alerts for vehicles whose process is not started in predefined time.

Adviser will get alerts for vehicles whose PDT is changed by supervisor or allocator so that he can call the customer to inform him/her.

Overall Process


Washing in-out process.

After washing, Allocator assign vehicle to supervisor or technician.


After assignment of technician, Repair in-out process.

Allocator can also get full history of vehicle.

Final Inspect

In FI department, if washing or service is not done properly, Allocator- supervisor can send vehicle back to relative department and give remark on it.



Two ways of Delivery process. Billing person will enter bill amount, invoice number, receipt number and complete bill process and deliver vehicle.

Delivery Token

1.With Token.

At Delivery Customer Generate Token For Delivery And billing person Call token. Adviser Explain job sheet Using photo that scanned in final inspect.

2.Without Token.

At the time of delivery billing department can prepare bill by adding bill amount, and invoice number, this way the bill be completed and customer will receive a text SMS for readiness of his/her vehicle. Now when the customer is coming to collect the vehicle the cashier will receive payment by selecting payment mode and adding bill amount, at this point cashier can also see whether the customer has taken AMC and the vehicle will be delivered.

Customer Feedback

  • Feedback Link send to customer with delivery SMS after vehicle delivery.

  • Adviser has also rights to take feedback when explain job-sheet to customer.

  • Process wise feedback report in Admin panel also available.

Gate Out Delivery Screen

Gate Out Screen for watchmen and delivery boy.From this screen delivery boy easily come to know that which vehicle is taken out and deliver to customer.