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Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Sanitary napkin Vending Machine

Net-E – Fleecy is an innovative product introduced by Netsol IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for Girls students, working women’s and shopping ladies. In this new world of women empowerment, where girls are keeping shoulder to shoulder with the boy’s, menstruation cycle is normally an unexpected guest for girls. During such condition they face lot of problems in both seeking napkin and destroying used napkins. This normally put the girls under uncomfortable situation if they are not carrying the sanitary napkin along with them. To avoid them to put under such uncomfortable condition, the requirement of sanitary napkin vending and destroyer machine is very much needed. Net-E Fleecy comes with three different variant as of now with different inbuilt features which is described below. Net-E Fleecy can be easily installed in schools, colleges, public places, offices, hospitals, malls, bus stations, railway stations, airports etc.


Menstruation in India has traditionally been associated with myths and taboos and adolescent girls find it extremely difficult to even discuss the issue with their parents or elders in the family. Most of them turn to their teaching staff for advice on personal hygiene.During that time they meet lot of problems in both seeking napkin, and destroying used napkin.

A woman’s health is most vulnerable during menstruation. Sanitary pads/napkins are the only safe and healthy option for women while continuing their work/ study during periods – and timely availability of the napkin at right time and right place is the key.

Net E Fleecy comes with a number of option to overcome such circum stances with the unique product named Fleecy Sanitary vending machine and destroyer as well.

Net E Fleecy is an Automatic Self-Service Vending Machine used for dispensing Sanitary Napkins against acceptance of Coins, Note, PayTM or MFRC Card. The Machine is configured to dispense one, two or three types of Sanitary Napkins through reliable motorized spiral mechanism.

Importance of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

In menstrual emergency time normally the girls (Both adolescence and adult) gets highly embarrassed to ask napkin among peer groups whereas public areas (Especially in schools, colleges, public places, etc). It leads to increasing absenteeism of school, college, and working women's also). Above all during that time they won’t participate any outside cultural events also.

During Menstrual time all the women's need to change their napkin in every 3 to 4 hours. Else, they get easily affect with TSS. TSS stands for Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Today's life is highly hectic. It is not easy to remember period occurring day. (In ancient times this period time mainly resembles the moon cycle and they were pre planned to meet their menstrual emergencies.).
To avoid this condition of Women Net-E comes with a new product name Fleecy which dispense the sanitary napkin as and when needed.


  • Press Button Technology

  • Double Coin Acceptor Technology

  • Wall mountable

  • Available in various sizes

  • Low power consumption

  • Card Sensor

  • Unique Token Acceptor

  • Unique Token Acceptor

  • Battery backup for 10 days

  • Available in various Models

  • Free Rotation Technology

  • 100% Automatic Digital Model

  • High solid state electronic technology

  • Self dispensing of the napkin

  • Accept multi coin which is available in various denomination

  • Single Coin Acceptor Technology

  • Automatic Checks Stock.

  • Purchasing the napkin independently

  • Quality Assured by Industrial standard

  • Good Finish

Places Where We Can Install Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Railway station/ Bus station

Govt Office / Village office / Taluka Off

Schools/Boarding School

Colleges / University

Hospital/Medical Clinic / Maternity Hospital

Boarding Lodges / Ladies Hostel


Hotel / Motel

Cinema Theatre / Shopping Mall / Departmental Stores

Industries / IT companies

Marriage Hall / Seminar Venue

Banking Sector

Public Toilets

Apartments / Sports complex / Swimming Pools


Women’s Club




Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Product Features

Fleecy Basic Fleecy Advance Fleecy Premium FLEECY MANUAL
Storage Capacity 40 60 60 20
Extra Storage Capacity 40 40 40 20
Selection Channel 2 2 3 1
Selection Interface Button Button Touch NIL
Payment Option Coin Coin + MFRC card Coin + MFRC card + Currency Note + PayTM Coin
GSM (Optional) No No Yes No
Dispenser Counter Yes Yes Yes No
Dispenser Report No Yes Yes No
Stock Alert No No Yes No
Mobile Application No No Yes No
Touch Panel No No Yes No
Loading Front Front Front Front
Mounting Option Wall Wall Wall Wall
WiFi Requirement No Yes Yes No
Voltage Supply 110-220V AC Supply 110-220V AC Supply 110-220V AC Supply NIL
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm 470X770 X165 800X770 X165 800X800X165 300X600X150
Weight (kg) 14 17 20 7
Coin combination No Yes Yes Yes