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Hospital Queue Management System

Hospital Queue Management System Surat, India.

In today's scenario, having anefficient Hospital Queue Management System at a health care institute is of extreme importance, especially when the patients visiting the facility are either in pain or delicate health. It rather makes the patients difficult in such situations to queue for long periods of time until a medial practitioner is accessible to treat them.

As we are long familiar that the active life span of any living organism on earth is mediocre. Hence everyone should try to get the maximum out of this limited period of time. At the same time good resources like scientists, doctors etc are also limited; hence people aiming for such resources have to find their own way to share in a civilized way so that they can derive benefits out of these without passing more time. The best way to do this is to fall in a queue and have a system to manage this queue efficiently without any hassles.

hospital queue management system


Hospital Queue Management System is specially designed that makes the process of patients Easy and comfortable for consulting with the related doctors. The system takes care of all the events right from the patients' registration till the clearing of bill.

There are huge LED displays; the patients are helped with the required information at every stage of consultation. The system also enables the Doctors to recall the patients or to call the nurse for some help if needed.

What is Hospital Queue Management Software

This software should be installed in a centralized PC kept in the OPD counter to which all the HQMS devices will be networked and communicated with them.

The software takes care of registration process of patients, schedule the appointment with doctors.

Working of Hospital Queue Management System

  • 01

    Hand Held Unit

    HHU are to be used by doctors. There are one HHU in each consulting units. It is basically designed to call the patients sitting in the waiting halls. Doctor can enter in any consulting room and can login with his/her login id and password.
    The list of patients is shown in the HHU, through which doctors can choose his patient for calling or recalling the patients
    With help of HHU, doctors can also call nurse from nurse station.

  • 02

    Waiting Hall Display System

    These are the LED display units installed in waiting halls to communicate the patients about the current calls made by the doctors.

  • 03

    Doctors Door Display Unit System

    It is the unit attached to the consulting room which displays the name of the doctor engaging room. Each consulting room is required to have one Door Display Unit.

  • 04

    Nurse Station Display Unit System

    It is the unit that shows the doctors call to the nurse for any kind of assistance if needed.