6 Common Misconceptions About WordPress Development Debunked

Over 35% of all websites on the internet use WordPress. The title of WordPress as the best CMS on the planet is unchallenged for almost a decade now. Despite its widespread usage, there are a lot of misconceptions around WordPress development. Most of these misconceptions discourage users from choosing WordPress. Being one of the top WordPress development agencies in India, we have to debunk these misconceptions about WordPress development.

While we go through these common WordPress myths, you must know that the article concerns self-hosted WordPress.org, not WordPress.com. Being an opensource platform, WordPress is ideal for start-ups and small/medium enterprises to start a website. If you have any doubts about the credibility of the platform, you must know that top brands like Sony, MTV, Bloomberg, and BBC use WordPress for their websites.

In this article, we will debunk many trending myths about WordPress development and encourage you to join the WordPress tribe.

Top Myths About WordPress Development

WordPress is free to use. Hence some experts around the world spread the negative word regarding its stability and security. None of these holds as WordPress is there at the top as best CMS for a reason, after all.

Let us bust some of these myths one by one.

Myth #1 – WordPress is simply a blogging tool

It is the most common misconception about WordPress we hear a lot. WordPress emerged as a blogging tool in 2003. Over time as the community grew, this blogging tool evolved as a full-fledged CMS. Many theme engines and developers joined the platform to create a library of themes and plugins to support different types of websites.

Today, you will find many theme developers and WordPress development agencies to help you develop websites running on websites covering all types of industries and niches such as news, music, entertainment, and apps.

Myth #2 – WordPress does not have a quality support team

Many newbie developers or WordPress users complain about the lack of a quality support team. They believe as they do not pay for the service, there is nobody accountable or to help when required. Well, that is not true. A simple Google search will show hundreds of tutorials, tips, and how-to articles on a single topic.

Besides these resources on the web, WordPress.org has a highly active and efficient support forum managed by a large community of WordPress developers. You can ask your queries on the forum and get replies from other WordPress users or moderators in the community. However, if you need help, then you can always hire a WordPress development company to design a website.

Myth #3 – WordPress website customization is tricky

The WordPress platform revolves around themes, plugins, and frameworks. Hence, many believe that customizing a website is difficult. This myth originated from the belief that theme and template are the same things. Well, that is not true. A template is, in fact, a subset of the theme.

With the introduction of page builder tools like Elementor and Beaver, customizing a WordPress website is easy and less complicated. Furthermore, the developers can customize both front-end and back-end based on the requirements. If you still find it difficult to customize a WordPress website, then you can always hire our website development company in India for WordPress development and customization. 

Myth #4 – WordPress does not support eCommerce

Roughly 4.66 billion people across the globe use the internet today. Such a large internet population opens the online channel for businesses to sell online. But there is a common myth circulating across the web that it is tough to manage an eCommerce website on WordPress. Well, indeed, WordPress does not feature a shopping cart by default, but you can always use plugins to add eCommerce functionality on your WordPress site.

One of the most popular eCommerce plugins in WordPress is WooCommerce. More than 42% of eCommerce websites in the world use WooCommerce. You can easily set up an online store using eCommerce WordPress plugins where you can sell both physical and digital products.

Myth #5 – WordPress is not secure

Another common myth often circulated about WordPress is that WordPress is not secure enough compared to other proprietary software. Well, this notion comes from the fact that the source code of WordPress is available out there in the open. Miscreants can easily find security loopholes by studying this publicly available source code.

Well, WordPress is very flexible, and its security can be improved further using security services like Sucuri or any reliable website firewall. You can further strengthen WordPress security using strong passwords and other best security practices for WordPress.

Myth #6 – The future of WordPress is uncertain

WordPress is free to use, a fact that gives a spark to the myth that WordPress’s future is not definite. It is a common belief that something free will eventually get outdated and neglected. A community of passionate and professional developers built WordPress.

A full-fledged and large community manages WordPress. A non-profit organization called WordPress Foundation owns and protects the WordPress name and endorses the opensource CMS. More importantly, there are many small and large WordPress companies indulging in businesses selling WordPress products and services.

Besides these, there are thousands of developers and development agencies primarily creating websites powered by WordPress.

All in all, WordPress is here to stay and thrive.

We hope that now you believe that WordPress is an ideal opensource platform to run a website. While you can always start a website on your own using WordPress, you can also hire a WordPress development agency like Netsol IT Solutions to kickstart or enhance your online business.

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