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Institute Management System

Institute Management System

One stop technology solution for college, school, and institutes

It is a tough task to run a successful institute, especially when there is no automated system or digital infrastructure, it becomes very difficult to manage communications, money, key schedules, and relationships. Net-E IMS majorly resolves all of these issues faced by any college or school today. It gives awesome solutions where any college or school can make the task automatic and it makes people never forget anything related to the schedule. Specially designed mobile applications for Students and Faculties make the work easier than ever before. Net-E IMS is a complete platform to record data of students and staff and use that data whenever required through any medium anytime. A software like IMS is really essential in today's world.

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Institute Management System

Nete Institute Management System Supports Mobile Application for Students and Faculties both.

What students can do in mobile app.

Attendance - Students can see their attendance summary and reports, and faculties can take attendance from their own app.

Assignments - Students can download assignments uploaded by faculties from their own app

Exam - Students can Exam marks and exam results, and faculties can add marks and results from their own app

Fees - Students can Check pending and paid fees

Teaching Work - Students can See teaching work along with topic and description, faculties can add teaching work report while taking attendance

Events - Students can see events of the college/school and also can participate in the events if they wish to, and faculties can add multiple types events and shortlist candidates whoever is interested and then announce the winner at the end of the event.

E-books - students can download eBooks uploaded by teachers from their own app

Notice - Students can see notice given by college/school and by the teachers from their own app

Discussion Board - Students can participate in the discussion on any topic initiated by faculty, and faculty and students can interact in Realtime.

Staff List - Students can see the total staff available in the college/school with their photo, qualifications, designation etc.

Polls - Students can give answers to questions and suggestion raised in polls, teachers can create polls from their own app

History - Students can see their academic history, attendance, exam results and fees



Data Security


Next Generation Institute Management System Features

Student Information

Attendance Management

Fees Management

Exam Management

Course Management

SMS Integration

Hostel Management

I - Card Management

HR Management

Manual Time Table

Staff Application

Student Application

Administrative Reports

Fully Customizable

Supervisor Allotment


Online Student Registration

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Hr + Leave Management