Happy to announce the new launch of our sleek series information KIOSK and Token Dispenser unit

This is supplied to the Tourism Department Dadra Nagar Haweli for imparting knowledge to the visitor of the place to be visited in the area. The machine is very sleek and can be accommodate in smaller area as compared to previous designs. The Sleek Dispenser Unit it well designed for Banking industries queue management solutions and Hospital Queue management solutions. An efficacious and well organized Netsol Queuing system with digital signage is one of the fastest and most low-priced way by which an organization can formulate its operational advantages and squeeze its skillfulness out of its operations. The Queue Management System by Netsol IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the process of well organized movements of customers all the way through and out of the waiting process and is speedily becoming an absolute need in many business organizations because of its confirmed power to decrease client’s walk-outs and induces sales. Please take a look in to our new website.

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