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Auto Calling System


Auto calling system offers preview and progressive calling, and creating call continuity and increasing call activity.

It bifurcates the data according to sales date & generates the call list automatically. Also it generates calling list of AMC based on AMC start date and convert to paid service after AMC end date. Auto-calling system generate lost customer calling list and not called customer list in each CRE panel, So no need to upload lost customer. Auto-calling system send different types of SMS to the customer. It manages branch wise calling, manages insurance and enquiry calling. Also, it generates various reports. Also it can record the call and provides the facility of playing & sharing it with other people.

Auto Calling System Features

PSF Calling for customer feedback

PSF calling stands for (Post Service Feedback). It is helpful for taking feedback/rating of you customers after the service is completed, customers can give their feedback whether is negative or positive, CRE can reschedule the service for Dissatisfied customers for FREE, and again the calling for free service will begin for that customer then again if you can take the feedback/rating for the same customer whether he/she is satisfied this time.

Admin will get detailed analytical reporting for SATISFIED and DIS-SATISFIED customers along with the genuine reasons of customers.



Make automatic calls to your customers via mobile app.

Receive Calls

Receive calls from your customers directly in app.

Call recording

Record incoming & outgoing calls directly from the can also share recordings.

dealer wise login

Login as dealer and track your CRE performance.

cre wise login

Login as a CRE and manage your daily calls.

Current time

Watch will take the current time for calls management.


Effective Calling

CRE can make effective calling by looking at the screen, While making calls the CRE can see the history of past call he has made and the service taken by the customer. As a result by having all the information in one place the CRE can have an effective communication with the customer.

Manage Multiple Vehicle for Same Contact

If there are more than one vehicles falling in the calling list for same customer with same contact detail the Auto Calling System will ask the CRE to initiate the information regarding that to the customer and the CRE can even take appointment for more than one vehicle in a single call.

SMS Notifications

Auto calling system has the facility to automatically notify the customers about thier service, appointment confirmation, etc.

Analytical Reports

Receive useful, real-time reports of every call the CRE perform, Service Due or Done report, Calls Due or Done report. Also the Auto Calling System reports are easy to access and download.

Daily Assigned Call Limit

Admin can assign call limit to CRE per day and get report.

Auto upload module with hirise intgration

Allow pending calls after service end date

If you select this option from admin panel, then pending call will be extended after service end date and cre can call customer after service end date.

Vehicle wise DND

If customer vehicle is sold,contact number is wrong or for any other reason CRE can add customer in DND (Do Not Disturb) list. Admin can also add and delete from DND master.

Assign Category To Particular CRE

Admin can assign particular category to particular CRE before uploading data.

One time entry of any customer

You need to upload customer's data only for one time. All service will be calculated on base of sale date automatically.

Update Customer Info

Admin or CRE can update information of any customer at any time as well as they can update remarks of customer.

Daily Reporting Emails to admin

You need to upload customer's data only for one time. All service will be calculated on base of sale date automatically. Admin will get detailed analytical report via Email every day. So that he can monitor on the CRE performance he will be able to see total calls, due calls for particular CRE, total connected calls, total turned customers, and what is the conversion ratio of CRE. Admin can also see all these reports in his dedicated admin console.


Area wise calling

For Area wise calling you need to add Main area and sub area from admin panel. In CRE panel we can call customer by selecting Area.In AREA wise there is two options in it either we can call customers ‘Area name’ wise or ‘Pin code’ wise.

Branch Module

There will be two kinds of login in branch module 1) Main Branch 2) sub branches.Main admin can upload data for its own centre and for sub branches but sub branches can upload data only for its own centre.Main Admin can view reports for all branch.

Enquiry Module

This module is for enquiry calls. The customers who are eager to buy vehicles. Here you can manage customer in 3 categories after first time call: 1) Hot enquiry 2) Warm enquiry 3) Cold enquiry.

Call transfer within CRE

When your CRE is absent or its call load is more, using this feature you can transfer the calls of one CRE to another CRE.

Data Upload Facility

From Automatic entry automatic data will upload for free service and paid service. Customer information with sales date will generate all call entries for customer’s 4 free services and latest paid service in it. Data will added in CRE panel on the fresh call date for calling.In Manual entry menu manual data will upload, that is if there is customer list having accidental repair or such category, for that category you can upload manual data, even for free service it is possible to upload manual data . In it data will added in CRE panel on the same day for calling.In Jobsheet data menu , jobsheet data for PSF calls are Uploaded.Enquiry data menu is to upload enquiry data.AMC data menu is to upload AMC data in which call list will generate based on AMC start date.

Schedule SMS

All SMS formats are listed here. The selected SMS will send to customers accordingly.Different SMS formats :1) Service reminder 2) Appointment confirmation 3) Appointment rescheduling 4) Appointment reminder 5) PSF SMS.We can send Bulk SMS to the customized range of customer by using filters for customer selection.

Calling records on daily bases

It shows the daily call done by CRE. It also includes the recording of all the phone calls done by the CRE. This audio file is sharable with mail.




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